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160,000 kids miss school every day because they fear bullies

Bullying can lead to depression and lower self-esteem

Bullying can lead to violence at home and at school

To equip your child, you must build their confidence by teaching them self-defense


This program will enable your child to identify bullying, and enable them to use their words to counter bullying.  Bully B-Gone will also help your child defend themselves within the confines of school rules and Missouri State Statutes as a last resort when confronted with bullying violence.



Child Safety Reminders




* Never trust strangers 

* Kidnappers look and act like normal people and can be very nice

* Every day in the U.S. 2,000 kids are reported missing

* Most kidnappers attack right before and right after school

* Durring school hours you must still be aware

* Just because someone looks nice it does not mean they can be trusted

* Never go home with any stranger that does not know the code word

* Never get in or go near a stranger's car for any reason

* If a car pulls up to you, run the other way

* Never take shortcuts to home. Stay on the normal route home

* Never go into anyone's house without your parent's permission

* Never open any of the doors in your house without your parents' permission

* Never answer the phone without your parents' permission

* Do not give out any information over the phone

* Trust your parents since they want what is best for you



* Never use the internet without parents' permission

* Never visit any websites without parents' permission

* Never send any personal information over the internet without your parents' permission

* Never agree to meet anyone from the internet without your parents' permission

* If anything makes you feel uncomfortable tell your parents immediately 



* Illegal drugs are as sneaky and as damaging as strangers

* Illegal drugs will damage you for the rest of your life

* At some point in your life someone very close to you will try to offer you drugs

* Trying drugs for the first time is like getting into a car with a stranger


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