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Would you like to help a youth in need?

Though the city of Willard generously provides a place for our youth to enrich their lives through the physical and mental activities provided by the Willard PAL program, they are not able to fund the PAL program with monitary support like those programs in larger metropolitan areas.


The funds that make the Willard PAL program possible are raised each year from our annual fund raising events and from generous private citizens and business donors. (see our business sponsors on our Home page)


$200 a year is all it takes to provide a youth with 12 months of mentorship, training, and much more in the Willard PAL program. (see our Events page)


The Willard PAL program is currently seeking 20 yearly sponsorships for our youth. 


The Willard PAL program then in turn provides scholorships and grants on a need basis to those youth who would like to participate in our programs but need help with the cost. 


If you would like to help provide the youth in our community with life developing skills through the camaraderie  of a team environment, with any amount of support, then please contact us at 417-742-5341 or at


Thank you for your help!


Willard PAL-

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